Moorland – Snowden walk update!

As many of you will have read in our previous article, Darren Brown and colleagues of Moorland Surgical Supplies recently completed a Snowden walk in support of the Foundation. Here’s a report and a few pics from the day…


Up early at 5am to get to Llanberis to meet with the rest of the team.

It was a beautiful day as Darren rounded us all up for our first group photo of the day.

Starting on the steepest tarmac hill in the world we marched on to the top of the road round the bend and oh my lord there was another steep hill! Out of breath and very hot we reached the first gate at the bottom of the mountain, the trek had just begun……..

The younger members of the pack and Darren (not so young) set off at a good pace up the rocky paths passing the time of day with other walkers, children and dogs !

It soon became apparent that I should have trained a little more but onwards and upwards along with my husband John and the other stragglers.

Darren would disappear in the distance and then appear back down the mountain to make sure the stragglers were drinking enough and eating little and often (just like having your mum with you ) also keeping in touch by phone keeping our spirits up.

Everyone had one thing in mind when the going got tough, “Alex” and how brave this young man was.

The paths were relentless, never ending and unsteady under your feet. Some of us developed blisters and our feet were bleeding but we were determined to carry on. At the halfway point (hooray) we were able to take a well-earned rest, take on much needed fluids and queued in the biggest line ever to go to the toilet.

All refreshed again we continued up the mountain stopping and chatting to some lovely people on the way. One man who had done this walk before encouraging us to get to the top and said he would give us a big hug at the top.

Round the next corner and we could see the summit “Wow” what an amazing view!

We carried on up the mountain until the last of the rocky stairs to reach the top, this was very emotional for some of us. Even better was Darren waiting with a cold beer to greet us and we got the promised big hug from the man we met further down the mountain.

At the top it was chance to show off with photos “We made it!! “

Keeping in the groups we went up in we started our decent feeling great but this soon turned to agony as the blisters and bleeding got worse. Should we get the train? ‘Never!’ the feeling of elation from reaching the top kept us going.

Finally we reached the bottom but had to face the steep tarmac. Myself and Janine decided that we would use John as the middle man. As he walked forward, we linked him arm in arm and walked backwards, wow this was fantastic on your feet as our toes were crushed by this point.

Down on flat ground we headed towards our hotels about 2 hours after the first group had finished but what an achievement!!

After a quick shower and change (no rest for the wicked) we all met up for our evening meal and well deserved drinks.

I think everyone slept like a log but, I was awake at 5am feeling fantastic about the achievement of all the team and everyone involved.

To top it all, we have raised a fantastic amount of money for The Alex Hulme Foundation and we all have sealed a bond with each other doing something that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.










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