Jane Baugh (1942 – 2020)

It was with great sadness that we learned that our Patron and beloved friend Jane had passed away on 26th February 2020, aged 77.

We owe so much to Jane and will forever be indebted to her for the love and kindness she showed to us all. Jane is and always will be an inspiration to us and we are honoured and privileged to have been able to call her a personal friend.

From the first time we met her at a school presentation evening when Jane kindly insisted that the Alex Hulme Foundation was added to the list of charities which would benefit from fundraising activities carried out during her mayoral year, she has made a massive impact on our lives.

We cannot explain what a massive boost this gave to us, to have the Mayor of Trafford making such a commitment to the Foundation even when it was in its infancy. Jane’s gesture gave us the confidence that we were doing the right thing and from that time forward awareness of the Foundation went from strength to strength. Sitting alongside other charities such as Parkinsons and the Stroke Association, the Foundation was thrust into the spotlight at every opportunity.

Jane would never miss an opportunity to introduce us to people who she felt would be able to help us establish this legacy for Alex.

As soon as her mayoral year was over we wasted no time inviting her to become the Patron of the Alex Hulme Foundation, an offer which she accepted without hesitation. In the  years that have passed since that time, Jane’s commitment to the Foundation has been unerring as she worked tirelessly to promote the work of the Foundation whenever a chance arises.

Plain and simple, without Jane we would not have raised anywhere near the amount of money we have. 

We are truly grateful to Jane for the amount of time she devoted to us as a family and to the Foundation especially when we know she had many other commitments within the community and other charities that she was involved with.

In short, we miss her terribly but her memory will be with us always. 

The only consolation is that we know she will now be with Alex and he will be able to thank her himself for everything she has done. 

Rest in Peace Jane. xx

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