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baxters-blog-winterHello again to all my human friends and woof to all my canine buddies and a Happy New Year to you all. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a bit chilly this time of year, the temperature has really dropped, the wind is vicious and Mum & Dad decided I needed a haircut on Christmas Eve!! What can I say? If brains cells were dynamite, they wouldn’t have enough to blow their way out of a paper bag!!

Enough moaning for now, I want to let you know what has been going on in ‘Baxter’s World’. I have become very friendly with two lovely ladies, Nikki & Amanda, who have been looking after me if Mum, Dad and Matt go out in the evenings to events for the Foundation. They take me for nice long walks, fuss me lots and spoil me with treats. Nikki is especially generous with the gravy bones, but she makes me swear never to tell Mum & Dad how many I have actually had!! The girls have developed a brand new Alex Hulme Foundation website and have made a really good job of it, in my opinion, I was checking it out the other day, when Mum & Dad were at work, and I especially like the pictures of me!!

I celebrated my 2nd Birthday on 4th November; it was a quiet affair, unlike my first Birthday when my Dad thought it would be a great idea to get me a can of Caesar’s dog food as a treat. I normally eat dried balls of chicken and rice which can get a bit boring so obviously I was very excited and ate every bit in record time. It was delicious but what wasn’t good was the three days of stomach cramps and being sick followed by an expensive trip to the vet with colitis and a diet of nothing but water for a few days! So, as you can imagine, this year, I was quite happy to get a fuss and settle for my dried balls!

Of course we have celebrated Christmas since I last blogged and there were many wonderful Foundation events throughout December, on top of the all the normal stuff that seems to go on. I noticed that Mum, Dad and Matt found it particularly difficult as it was another Christmas without Alex so I do my very best to distract them, taking them on long walks and constantly asking for treats and fuss but I know things will never be the same.

I’m off to give them a hug.

Lots of woofs and tail wags

Baxter xx


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