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Woof to all my friends out there, it’s been a while. I have been a bit sick lately, Matt has been away in a place called Belgium, I have been trying to enjoy a few days of uninterrupted peace and quiet and I get an upset stomach, I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘overindulgence of rich foods’ as mum says, after all I have only eaten the remainders of macaroni chees, beef and dumplings, raw carrot, bits of bread off the field, empty yoghurt pots and maybe a secret lick of a plate in the dishwasher when Mum wasn’t looking!! This is classed as a staple diet in my book. I was starved for the day; wait till I learn how to contact the RSPCA, and it seems to have cured it.

I have told you before about my morning walks on the field with my friend Buddy, well this has all changed because Buddy’s owner, Sharon, has got a new job and so she goes on the field even earlier and so we normally walk on our own. However, there are two dogs who I get on very well with; Ellwood and Duffy…………. Now Duffy is a lady dog, three times the size of me but what a looker. Our relationship has been of a platonic nature however until one day, a number of weeks ago, when she must have changed her perfume and it was driving me wild! Unfortunately her owner, Jim, kept her on a lead, so we couldn’t go off and play in the bushes….. I just couldn’t get her out of my head and would wake Mum and Dad up numerous times in the night, just so I could get to the field to smell her again. This obviously didn’t go down well with the humans and so, when the penny dropped with them, Mum decided we would give that field a miss. I now spend my mornings walking to a field closer to home but spend the whole time on my lead because it is near to the road. Ah well, I don’t think I am the first guy to be denied his first love by his Mum!!

In other news; Dad says that he has a picture of me on his office wall but a lady who works with him told him he needed to update the picture as I looked young on it. Young? I’m not that old now, only three! Anyway Dad took a new one and posted it on his wall instead alongside one of me and Matt. I hope you like it. Mum did ask Dad where the picture of her was. This was followed by a very embarrassed pause and a lot of ‘flannel’ from Dad or I think that’s what Mum said it was!! Until next time, lots of woofs and tail wags.

Baxter xx


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