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Hello again my human friends, November already, doesn‟t seem five minutes since I was writing my last blog, talking about the sunshine and now look at the weather, brilliant isn‟t it? I don‟t care if it is wet, muddy, windy or cold, I have this fantastic fur coat which keeps it all out. I love being out this time of year and running through all the leaves, splashing through the puddles and rolling in the occasional pile of some delicious scented muck, Mum refers to it as something completely different, which I cannot spell, never mind include in my blog, and unceremoniously plonked me in the bath upon our return. I thought this was very mean as it was my Birthday after all, I was three on 4th November, and it was just a Birthday treat to me. What a great Birthday I had… not; After the bath episode I was left for the rest of the day while Mum & Dad went to work and Matt went to school. Mum then went straight out with her friends to somewhere called the Trafford Centre so Matt and Dad took me out and treated me to a new collar and a pull toy whoopee doo!! Then, when Mum came home, she hadn‟t even bought me a doggy bag! The one thing I don‟t like at this time of year is the fireworks. I start off in October being fairly chilled about them but as they go on and on I get really fed up of them. I am especially frightened at the very loud bangs people let off just as I am snuggling up to go to sleep after a hard day of eating, drinking, running, sniffing and sleeping. I know my mate, Buddy, hates them too. He tells me when we are playing on the field at 6:30am in the morning. We both go with our Mums, whilst our Dads are in bed. Mum told me to add this bit!! It is very dark this time of year and I have to wear a stupid flashing blue bone on my collar and Buddy has a white one, so our Mums can see us. At least we are not as bad as Brew, a huge Burmese Mountain dog, who has a flashing red collar. We can see him coming for miles, he looks like a mobile disco, but it makes it easier for me to jump out on him, bark and then run away! I am not stupid; he is ten times the size of me! Buddy loves his sticks, his front garden is littered with the ones he takes home from walks as his Mum won‟t let him take them in the house, I‟d call the RSPCA if I was him. I can take them or leave them but, funnily enough, when Buddy finds a stick he really likes, I suddenly get a real urge to have it! Mum calls me a bully, but I think Buddy likes the fact that I chase him and pinch it off him! Until next time, lots of woofs and tail wags.

Baxter xx

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